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Posted by California Surfboards on

Hey all.  

Well after decades of doing boards as individuals the California Surfboards collective has joined forces and Cal Surf has decided to really go for it. Welcome to our brand new website!  We are very proud of it and it has been a lot of hard work and planning. We have a section called surfboards 101 that is there to help people new to surfing, surfboards and surfboard construction. We also have an extensive surfboard art gallery for you to enjoy that highlights all the different creative designs on some of our models that you can custom order on your California Surfboard. Most importantly we have all our model designs in the Shape 3D platform now and have our Board Builders ready so you can either order one of our models via the easy stock options section or go all the way with your new board and custom make it from shape to color designs and logo stamp placement with our online real-time Board Builder.

Try to do something you love every day and live the dream........Cal Surf