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Welcome to California Surfboards also known as Cal Surf.

California Surfboards is a collective of surfboard designers and shapers that work together to produce world class quality High Performance Precision Surfboards. Our Surfboards and Apparel are top quality products made exclusively in California. The California Surfboards shapers make surfboards for top companies like CI and SUPER and top 10 pros on the World Tour. The collective of California Surfboards shapers have tens of thousands of boards under their belts, so you know you’re getting the best quality board at a great price buying from us direct.    or   or  Cal.Surf   are your go to online source for High Performance Precision Surfboards and apparel sold directly to you the surfer for the best value priced custom surfboards in the industry.



Tom Nesbit (Guru Shaper - Master Designer)

California Surfboards Master Guru shaper and designer Tom Nesbit has over 35 years of surfboard shaping and surfboard designing experience and is from Oceanside, California. Tom is a guru shaper that makes boards for some of the top companies and pro surfers like World Champion Carissa Moore and the legendary Rob Machado only to name a few. Tom is a master shaper and designer and the only thing that rivals his stoke is his legendary experience and that matches it! Tom is always there to help people learn about surfboard design and is very cool, so hit us up with any questions you may have about a new board. Tom uses the latest CNC machine technology combined with his incredible hand shaping knowledge and his philosophy to collaborate with the Cal Surf Designs team and California Surfboards to make the worlds top High Performance Precision Surfboards.


Steve Ford (Head Shaper - Master Designer)

Steve Ford, has over 30 years surfboard shaping and designing experience and is from Southern California. 
Steve is a master shaper and designer and is head of production at SUPERbrand, as well as being the California Surfboards Head Shaper. Ford is instrumental in all facets of our design and production process. Ford has a deep understanding of surfboard design and shaping of all types of surfboards. Steve uses the latest CNC machine technology combined with his hand shaping knowledge to collaborate with the Cal Surf Designs team and California Surfboards, to make the worlds top High Performance Precision Surfboards. Ford is a master shaper and designer and surfs everday to test his desigs and shapes. Ford is available for any questions you may have about a new board so please feel free to contact us about questions on a new board.


Hank Byzak (Longboard Shaper - Designer)

Hank Byzak, has over 40 years surfboard shaping and design experience and is a legendary for his world class longboard designs and shapes. Hank designs and makes boards for top pros like Joel Tudor and Laird Hamilton to name a few.  Byzak handles all of the design for all of the Califonia Surfboards nose riding longboards, so if you want an amazing Tudor like noserider to style out on, we have your model (check the HOA or Wizard longboards). Hank Byzak has a lifetime of board design knowledge in regards to all types of surfboards and he brings it to another level with the new California Surfboards nose riding longboards.  Check them out! Same quality and designs, with direct value.


Erik Drury (Creative | Design Director)

Erik is the founder of California Surfboards and creative force behind California Surfboards and has 20 years of surfing industry e-commerce experience. Erik has been surfing almost every day for for more than 40 years and has been designing and riding a variety of surfboards for many years. Erik works with the collective of California Surfboards shapers, designers and advisers to design and produce High Performance Precision Surfboards and apparel made exclusively in California. Boards and Gear that are functional for every day surfing, specific types of waves and different surfing styles for maximum fun!



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